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China dogs massacre

China’s use of animals is currently not regulated by any form of animal welfare legislation, although the range and scale of animal abuse is huge. Existing laws and regulations on animals relate mostly to wildlife conservation, epidemics and other public health issues.
But following a conference in December 2008, a committee of Chinese law academics was set up to draft the first ever animal welfare legislation in China. It will cover different sections, including companion animals, animals used in experiments, animals used in entertainment, working animals, epidemic prevention, wild animals, farmed animals and animal transport. The first draft is due in June 2009.

04.06.2009 China eliminating all dogs in Hanzhong city

In response to eight cases of human rabies, the authorities in Hanzhong City, in China's northwest Shaanxi Province, have started the widespread killing of dogs in order to make the city a dog-free zone. Thousands of stray and owned dogs are being killed by literally beating them to death.
In some areas, local officials notified dog owners that they needed to kill their dogs on the 20th or 21st of May. If they didn't, the police would kill the dogs and the owner would need to pay $100 chinese yuan (around USD 15) as a destroying fee.
More than 20,000 dogs have already been killed over the last two and a half months. And the killing continues indiscriminately, whether vaccinated pet dogs or stray dogs.
Local animal welfare groups are working desperately to stop further killing. Meanwhile, ACTAsia is presenting a suggestion book on 'Rabies Control in China' to the Chinese authorities. We are urging them to use scientific measures for rabies control (see OIE & WHO statements) and to stop the inhumane culling of all dogs in Hanzhong area. International support would be of great help to prevent the killing of more animals in extremely inhumane ways.
Please write to the following authorities urgently and ask them courteously to stop this inhumane killing. The following points can be included in your email:
* It has been proven that the indiscriminate mass killing of dogs does not reduce the incidence of rabies, and does not reduce stray dog populations over the longer term.
* The only effective way of eliminating rabies in dogs is through a mass vaccination programme with support from different levels of society
* Humane dog control programmes need to be started immediately

President Hu Jintao
E-mail: nc.vog.ccppc|ofni#nc.vog.ccppc|ofni, nc.gro.anihc|ofni#nc.gro.anihc|ofni

Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Sun Chenjia
E-mail: nc.vog.irga|retsambew#nc.vog.irga|retsambew

Department of Agriculture of Shaanxi Province, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau
Email: ten.361|20tyn#ten.361|20tyn

Health Department of Shaanxi Province
E-mail: nc.vog.ixnaahs|3jtsw#nc.vog.ixnaahs|3jtsw

Shaanxi Provincial Health Authority
E-mail: nc.jwixnaahs|hzw#nc.jwixnaahs|hzw

People's government of Hangzhong City
E-mail: nc.vog.gnohznah|xzst#nc.vog.gnohznah|xzst

If you could copy us at gro.aisatca|ofni#gro.aisatca|ofni we would really appreciate it. Thank you for your efforts for the animals.

Bulgaria - URGENT action needed


"Following a hint from Bulgarian people, we reached the zoo of Haskovo. We were told that puppies are fed alive to the animals of the zoo.
Just behind the playground for children (!!!) we discovered a suspicious building. The sweetish smell and the pitiful whimpering led us the way. Next to the building some cages…
In the meadow and the neighbouring wood you could find half rotten dog bodies. We ask ourselves whether it is really “healthy and responsible” to let the children play on this ground – the dander of epidemics is evident.
Between the trees, just behind the playground, there is the so-called “Isolator” with no windows, so we could only imagine the scenes going on inside. Soon it became sad certainty.
On the official website of Haskovo you can find very impressive advertising for the zoo. It is described as the favourite place for children – but they forgot to mention the death station for the dogs in the background… they just want to have “clean” streets.
This poor dog is only a skeleton and can hardly stand on his feet. We don’t know for how long he has not received any food or water. He is so thirsty that he is about to get crazy. People only threw rubbish and empty plastic bottles into his iron cage.
The “supervisors” notice us. We are being watched and we ask a lot of questions. Their gestures mean “they are only obeying and executing orders”. They don’t mind at all. These workers are totally hardened and just want to keep their jobs. Even though what they are doing is not legal.

On January 31st , 2008 a Bulgarian animal welfare law has been issued. But animals mean nothing to these people. They probably have been brought up this way. They torture animals without any feelings – not even responsibility. How does it feel to sit in the cosy guard-room knowing that a few metres behind the dogs are fighting a horrible death-struggle for weeks?
We saw these two cages, the dogs lying underneath the puppies are already dead. Probably their mum is one of them. We notice a penetrating bad smell, heartbreaking whimpering and terrible pain. How long does it take until the organs stop functioning without food and water? The soul of these poor animals dies long before that…
The incredibly sad eyes stare at us… We feel guilty to be of the “human” race. Standing in front of the building we can only glaze inside through the slots in the iron doors and see the further drama: a few still living dogs are sitting on top of about half a meter of dead dog bodies (we guess about 80 dead dogs).
This is the evidence we were looking for when we were told that the stray dogs of Haskovo are caught and brought here to be left to their fate.
We climbed up the iron fence behind the building to have a look inside. The dogs went crazy for hunger and thirst when they saw us. They hope for food and freedom.
Everywhere in the meadow dead dog bodies…
After a sleepless night we return to Haskovo the next day. The troubles we made the day before have moved them into action. They seem to know that what they are doing is not legal. We are surprised when we look through the slots in the doors again – no more dogs and dead bodies anymore, everything cleaned up and you could smell the strong odour of disinfectants. They were obviously afraid that we might return – with cameras and even more people. Now the silence of death reigns…
In the meadow beside the isolator we find dying dogs which (at least this time) they did not slay or feed to the lions. We pick them up and take them with us. These poor creatures are so weak they cannot run away anymore. Some puppies stuck to their dead mum the night before – we cannot save them anymore, we are too late… Others are hidden in an iron roll, seeking for shelter. They whimper. Some mobilize their last reserves and crawl a few meters away from this horrible place. They haven’t got the strength anymore to bring themselves to a safe place… One more dog lies in the snow, hardly breathing.
Immediately we race to the veterinary with the rescued dogs. Here in the light we can see the dimension of what these dogs went through. This dog’s lower half is covered with dried cadaverous liquid. The odour is typical sweetish. He had to lie on his dead fellows. His body is extremely dehydrated and the eyes are deep in their sockets and dead. In and around his snout some remaining excrements he ate in despair.
“Hope” represents the fate of his fellow dogs in Haskovo. We hope he can make it.
The present mayor who is responsible for these cruelties and acting against Bulgarian animal welfare laws is Georgi Ivanov: “Haskovo is famous as a town with clean streets and there is not a single filthy dog”


13.5.2009 Message from Sylvana Stierschneider

Many dogs were saved because we do have even a MP on our side, but we have to keep the protest and pressure on this young EU country, because this is completely against all LAWS and humanity. Below u will find ADDYS and a SAMPLE LETTER and to see the horrible pictures go to:

Send to:

Municipality of Haskovo
Georgi Ivanov, Mayor of Haskovo Municipality
BG – 6300 Haskovo 1
Obshtinski square
Tel.: 00359 38 603300 Fax: 00359 38 664110
e-mail: gb.ovoksah|temk#gb.ovoksah|temk

Office of the Major in Haskovo
e-mail: ten.gbadia|tsalbo#ten.gbadia|tsalbo

European Animal Welfare Commission SANCO
e-mail: ue.aporue.ce|eraflew-lamina-ocnas#ue.aporue.ce|eraflew-lamina-ocnas

Bulgarian central government
e-mail: gb.tnemnrevog|SIG#gb.tnemnrevog|SIG

Bulgarian Embassies/Consulates Abroad:

gb.ovoksah|temk#gb.ovoksah|temk, ten.gbadia|tsalbo#ten.gbadia|tsalbo, ue.aporue.ce|eraflewlamina-ocnas#ue.aporue.ce|eraflewlamina-ocnas, gb.tnemnrevog|SIG#gb.tnemnrevog|SIG,


Dear Mayor, dear Mister Ambassador, dear Madam, dear Sir,

We refer to the atrocities and crimes against dogs in Haskovo-Bulgaria. What has happened in the last few days is incredibly cruel and inhumane. It is shameful for a country with an Animal Welfare Law, which is not applied. The facts: countless dogs were locked up as garbage, in a shed with no windows and they had to starve miserably! In the area of the shed were found decomposing corpses of dogs. It is known that the shed is located on a playground!! In addition we have got the incredible information that puppies were fed alive to lions. Unfortunately there is no doubt about the truth of this horrible information. There are serious witnesses and evidence pictures. It has been reported that the responsible person for this crime is the mayor of Haskovo, Mr. Georgi Ivanov. He is acting against the Bulgarian animal welfare law and calls it “cleansing action”. He argues that bastards have no right to live. In collaboration with other animal-welfare groups, we will ensure that these atrocities against defenceless dogs, initiated by Mr.Georgi Ivanov, the mayor of Haskovo, will be publicized in other countries, where animals are respected and not brutally persecuted. There should not be any reason to treat animals in this barbaric way!! We demand that these atrocities will have consequences.



gb.brp|vokram.n#gb.brp|vokram.n, gb.tnemnrevog|aveots.b#gb.tnemnrevog|aveots.b, gb.vidvolp|langis#gb.vidvolp|langis


Dear Attorney General Velchev,
Dear Deputy Prime Minister Plugtschieva,
Dear Mayor Atanossov,

article 6 and article 7 of the Bulgarian animal protection act prohibit "the infliction of pain and every act or omission of an act, that causes permanent or repeated suffering for the animal".

The massacre of dogs in Plovdiv on February 8, during which 14 dogs were slain with iron bars by two animal keepers known to us by name before the eyes of two witnesses, not only grossly contradicts the applicable law and the elementary ethical standards, but also harms the esteem of your country.


  • The closing down of all camps for stray animals in Bulgaria and their conversion into animal shelters
  • Severe punishment for those who torment, kill or maroon animals
  • Immediate implementation of the castration programmes provided by the animal protection act
  • Free access to the camps for stray animals for all citizens

Enforce the applicable law and make sure, that the isolators finally disappear from the moral map of Bulgaria. This is your duty, comply with it!

I will only visit Bulgaria again when your country considers its responsibility towards animals.
yours sincerely





Dear Mr. Platini!
We the undersigned ask you to pay attention to the terrible mass murder of stray animals in Ukraine. These shameful actions of Ukrainian authorities directed at the creation of the "good image" of Ukrainian cities to receive tourists and football fans during EURO-2012.
We call for UEFA authorities, for football fans and sportsmen all over the world as well as all the people who have a heart and love animals to boycott Ukraine as EURO-2012 host until the problem of stray animals is solved in a civilized way!

Please help to stop mass murder of stray animals in Ukraine


Craiove townhall decided to poison strays:
watch news:

January, 2009, Bistrita: The video below shows what the City Hall considers a "European standard" dog pound. The City Hall decided that it is not necessary keeping somebody on the job there for the Holidays so for ten days the dogs were locked up with no food or WATER! The conditions there are gruesome! They sleep directly on concrete. They are housed in 2m by 2m boxes. 3 dogs in 1 box. The water pipe has been frozen since before Christmas.

"These dogs are considered by the City Hall to be "agressive" and they should be kept locked up. We let a few of them out today so they can run around a bit and get warmed up. They won't even run away. The only home they know is this pound. And the saddest thing is that they don't know how it is to live under better conditions! This is the only life they know. "

Can you believe that in January 2009, the first local shelter for stray dogs was open in Bucharest?
"The modern shelter can keep up to 500 stray dogs. The dogs will be collected by Local Animal Police, treated (if is necessary) and put into separate spaces. It looks like the animals will not be euthanized anymore!!! They will be treated and will stay in the shelter until they get adopted."
I suppose the shelters in smaller towns, for a long time, still will be like that in Bistrita, where dogs can hope that some people will come and give them food and water.



ROLDA is an international organization currently activating in Galati area (south-east of Romania), operating two private dog shelters, the only shelters existent for an estimated number of 20,000 homeless animals.
During the last year alone more than 1,100 street dogs were saved from an uncertain and miserable life. All were spayed/neutered and treated for worms, fleas and ticks. 600 dogs are presently sheltered at ROLDA, most of the dogs are very sociable,healthy and beautiful. You can „see” part of them by click on this link:
Dogs available for permanent adoption - internationally

Rolda needs donations and volunteers (also from abroad)

If you want to be part of our unique program, if you want to spend a Holiday in Romania and help us as volunteer while we’ll be offering you free accommodation, please contact us and be part of our dream!
Long-term projects includes building a sanctuary for Romanian abused horses and donkeys and start a new dog shelter in north of Romania.
Every donation means an important step in our animals rescue’mission. We wouldn’t be here without people support, which we are relying on in the future. Please help us to help a society struggling to solve its own animals overpopulation crises.

Mrs Veronica Titchener
18 KatchsideSutton CourteneyAbingdonOxford
OX14 4BHUnited Kingdom.(+44)01235 848893


One of the angels is Veronica. She takes old, sick, homeless dogs and cats, from streets to her home (actually, looking at photos, I'm not sure if it's still HER home). Veronica gives them her time, home and what's most important her heart.

This year winter was especially hard for Veronica and her babies and not because the cold, which is nothing surprising in this part of Europe but because Russia switched off gas pipelines for Romania. Many houses in Romania stayed without heating and hot water, and not everybody could afford to use electricity.

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