Shut Down Harlan Animals Abusers

For the first time Harlan was exposed by BUAV in 1999.

BUAV: Making A Killing
"Exposed: The first ever in-depth exposé of the suffering involved in the breeding of beagles for the research industry.

Harlan-Hillcrest breeds and supplies animals such as beagles, monkeys, rabbits and guinea-pigs for the research industry. It also supplies animal organs and blood products. In 1999, following a gruelling 10 month undercover investigation, the BUAV exposed the suffering involved in the breeding of beagles for the research industry.

Up to 1,000 beagle dogs were held inside Harlan at any one time; 200 females who spent their pitiful lives producing litter after litter; 20 or so male 'stud' dogs; 100-200 suckling pups and 500-600 'stock' dogs awaiting shipment to experimental laboratories around the world.

Major findings

Breaches in government guidelines including dogs kept in barren surroundings, with no bedding or nesting material. Even females nursing their young were kept this way.
Bored and frustrated dogs, kept in overcrowded conditions, often resorted to fighting, resulting in injuries and even death
The mass killing of healthy puppies and dogs, some only a few months old, considered "surplus to requirements." This included unpopular strains of beagles that weren't selling, larger and older dogs and ex-breeding animals
Dogs with physical imperfections, classed as 'non-conforming products', were routinely killed. Once dead, the dogs were put into rubbish sacks and dumped in a skip
Animals killed to provide organs and blood products to the research industry.
Dogs mated as young as eight months and as old as nine years. On the puppy production-line, some dogs had up to 10 litters"

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