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The revision of the European animal experiments legislation is in the crucial final stage, and Members of the European Parliament have a final opportunity to improve the protection of animals used in laboratories across Europe. The Council of Ministers adopted its position and the second reading has started in the Parliament. The report will be prepared by AGRI Committee and voted in September.

Chief Executive of the ECEAE, Michelle Thew states: “The truth is that under this document animals will continue to be experimented on, in large numbers, for reasons which have nothing to do with finding cures for diseases – such as the safety testing of non-essential products and curiosity-driven research. We are extremely disappointed that an opportunity to improve animal welfare and place greater restrictions on animal experimentation has so far been lost. We urge MEPs to stand by their convictions.”

However we oppose all animal experiments on moral and scientific grounds the abolition through the EU is simply not possible at this time. What we need to do now is to demand from AGRI members to take a much stronger line and ensure that the future legislation introduces meaningful protection for animals.

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It is vital that the influence of pro-vivisection industry lobbyists is countered by voices that speak out in defence of animals and for modern, cruelty-free research methods.

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Please use the sample letter adopted from ECEAE European Coalition to End Animal Experiments
and use the list of AGRI members' addresses (88 emails in blocks of 20)


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sample letter:

Revision of EC Directive 86/609 (animal experiments)

I am writing to you today in relation to the current revision of
the Directive 86/609/EEC on the protection of animals used in

I understand that the second reading in the European Parliament
has started and that MEPs have an opportunity to improve and
clarify the Council of Ministers draft legislation.

I am opposed to animal experiments but I believe that the
legislation should at the very least provide greater protection
for animals used in experiments. For example, strong mechanisms
should be introduced to oblige researchers to use non-animal
alternatives methods whenever these are scientifically available,
and not only if these are recognized by European Community
legislation. The Council of Ministers position is here markedly
different from, and worse than, the Parliament first reading
position. Not only does it take a very long time before
scientifically valid alternative methods are included in
Community legislation, this only ever happens for safety testing,
a relatively small part of animal experimentation..

Additionally, the Council proposal to allow non-human primates
to be used in experiments for almost any purpose is, I believe,
not what the European Parliament representatives initially

Finally, the Council position concerning the infliction of
severe suffering on animals is very confusing. The Parliament
agreed to an upper limit on permitted suffering and this now
needs to be set out in a clear and meaningful way.

As elected representatives, I hope that you will reflect views
of so many of your constituents at the
European Parliament.

(your name)

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