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Has it anything to do with sport?

"First, before someone tells me supporters don't call it a "sport", it's an art, if you pay for satelite TV here in Spain, you could end up having three bull fights a day on the Spanish "sports" channel. So, whilst Spain is one of the countries most connected with bullfighting (along with Portugal, Mexico and France, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala and Panama to name a few), many Spanish councils have banned any form of bullfighting in their regions and I am happy to say that the Canarian government has banned all forms of fiestas and sporting events involving bulls. (…) Here are the "unbiassed" facts with anything biassed in (brackets).

First, the bull to be fought will be 3 or 4 years old. (Never older than 4 as they grow too large and too strong).
The fight is split into "tercios" or thirds. The first involves a "picador" on horseback (more on the horses in a while, believe me when I say they suffer) who uses a "pica", a spear, to stab the bull in the neck, usually several small wounds with one wound made deep. This is to weaken the bull's neck muscles and prevent it from raising it's head too high, too often. The act of raising it's head now would cause severe pain. (The bull is also loosing a lot of blood and starting to weaken from this stage on).
The second "tercio" involves 5 "banderilleros", men who will come at the bull with their capes as a distraction whilst each must place a dagger in the bulls back. One of the reasons behind this is to liven and enrage the bull who, after receiving a possibly fatal wound in stage 1, may have given up the will to fight. Again, each wound inflicted with each dagger will physically weaken the bull further.
The third and final "tercio" involves the "matador", perhaps the best known member of the (killing) team. Upon entering the ring, he has ten minutes in which to kill the bull. If after this time the bull is still alive, a further five minutes are allowed but if it's alive after this, (what's left of) it's life is spared. Just before the 10 minute mark, the idea is for the "matador" to place his sword between the bull's shoulder blades and sever the aorta. If this fails, another sword is thrust behind the back of the bull's next so sever the spinal cord.
After the first 10 minutes and as the first warning is given regarding time, the crowd can petition the judge - by waiving white handkerchiefs in the air - to allow the bull to live if they think it's been brave and fought well. However, often the crowd will petition the judge for a "vuelta" once it's been killed. A "vuelta" is a lap of honour involving a team of horses dragging the bulls carcass around the ring.
Once the bull is down - severed aorta or spinal cord - the judge may award a prize to the matador beginning with 1 ear for an outstanding performance, better still 2 ears and the best, 2 ears and a tail. It's not uncommon for these to be cut from the bull before it finally dies.
That I'm sorry to say is fact and to me, sounds horrifying. The art involved by the matador is dodging the bull as it charges. A famous woman bullfighter in Spain, Cristina Sanchez, is quoted as saying in the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" (7/20/96), she affirms bulls "never suffer, I never noticed it" and adds that she loves animals. She says that bulls are beautiful animals "with whom I can create an act". More: "They are brave, born to die in the ring and help create an act of art with a person". And here she describes her “love” for the bull: “After running a while and getting over the shock of being in a bullring the animal is furious and adrenaline is flaring fast through its blood. If it is not bled, the bull may die. And we matadors love the bull, and don’t want to see it suffer. Bulls are the ones that make us or break us.” I should also point out that matadors in Spain are like movie stars or pop stars everywhere else, often making guest appearances on TV.

what happens to the bull before the fight??
Before entering the ring, the bull is often handicapped - although this is officially illegal - by filing its horns so that it misjudges attempts to gore the matador and by smearing vaseline into its eyes to blur its vision. The bull might also be beaten with clubs, its ears and nostrils may be stuffed with cotton wool, and it may even be drugged to further obstruct his senses.
Normally a veterinary surgeon, who is to be present before and during the fight, has to declare that each bull meets the requirements regarding the health, age and weight. However, some of these vets may be part of the bullfighting establishment and therefore may be prone to overlook certain manipulations. Most traditional bullfights pass through several distinct stages. Just before the fight begins, a steel emblem of the breeder's mark is driven into the animals back, and from its darkened quarters the bulls sent into the ring already in a state of terror. It is let out so that it faces the sun and is dazzled by it, a herd animal alone in strange surroundings.
Bulls will sometimes be given massive doses of sulphates (epsom salts) in their water to induce severe diarrhoea, intestinal pain and subsequent lack of co-ordination in the ring. The chief veterinarian at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid has revealed that bulls from the fights have been found to have up to 25 kg of sulphates in their systems, whereas only 4 or 5 kg is considered to be a brutally massive dose. The veterinarian also discovered that sometimes the bulls are given drugs to sedate them before entering the ring. The sedative Combilin, a hypnotic and tranquillizing drug, may be injected into the animals so that by the time they are sent into the ring their senses are in complete disorder. During transit from breeding farm to bullring, they are crushed into small transit vehicles without food, water or space to move and many cases of bulls being dead upon arrival (due to their necks breaking when transferred in vehicles too small for them).
The supply of bulls for the ring is highly organized. All over Spain, there are bull farms where animals are reared and chosen specifically for fighting. Toro de Lidia, the fighting bull, has been bred exclusively in such farms to be used in bullfights. A good fighting bull is worth many times more than an ordinary bull. The best bulls are sold to the main fights, the second best to local fights, and the "lower quality" ones often end up tortured and killed in cruel village fiestas."


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Spanish letter


Estimado/a Sr./a.,

Mi nombre es [name] y soy un ciudadano [nationality].

Le escribo para pedirle ayuda para poner fin a las corridas de toros en su país.
Este es un espectáculo bárbaro que tiene que acabar de una vez por todas. La
tradición y el entretenimiento no pueden más ser usados como justificación
para perpetuar tal crueldad para con los animales.

¿Le gustaría estar en la piel de estos animales?
¿Piensa que los toros no sienten dolor ni pánico?
¿Cree que tiene el derecho de vivir su vida en paz, pero los animales no?

A pesar de que las corridas de toros atraen turismo, es que en realidad alejan
¡mucha más gente! Estamos en el siglo 21. Las personas han evolucionado y por
tanto las tradiciones tienen que acompañar la evolución de los tiempos. Hay más
gente en contra que a favor de las corridas de toros.

¡Es la imagen de vuestro país que está en juego! Hay mucha gente que ve las
corridas de toros como un espectáculo bárbaro sin sentido ni corazón, y eso va
a pesar en su decisión de visitar o no vuestro país. ¡Yo soy una de esas personas!
De esta forma, como puede constatar, no tienen nada que ganar con mantener las
corridas de toros.

Como Victor Hugo dijo una vez: “Se puede ver el nivel de evolución de un pueblo
por la forma cómo trata a ‘sus' animales”.

Estamos en una nueva era; la gente cada vez es más exigente con respecto al
tratamiento de los animales.

Se tiene que acompañar la evolución y las corridas de toros, tal como otros
espectáculos degradantes, ya no son aceptadas por personas evolucionadas e



Muchas gracias por su tiempo.



Portugese letter

Caro/a Sr./a.

O meu nome é [name] e sou um cidadão [nationality]

Estou a escrever-lhe para pedir a sua ajuda para acabar com as touradas
no seu país. Este é um espectáculo bárbaro que tem que acabar de uma vez
por todas. A tradição e o entretenimento não podem mais ser usados como
desculpas para perpetuar tal crueldade para com os animais.

Gostaria de estar na pele desses animais?

Pensa que os touros não sentem dor nem pânico?

Acredita que tem o direito de viver a sua vida em paz, mas os animais não?

Apesar de as touradas atraírem turismo, o facto é que elas efectivamente afastam
mais pessoas ainda! Estamos no século 21. As pessoas evoluíram e por isso as


tradições têm que acompanhar os tempos. Há mais pessoas contra as touradas que
a seu favor.

É a imagem do seu país que está em causa! Há muitas pessoas que vêem as
touradas como um espectáculo bárbaro sem sentido nem coração e isso irá pesar
na sua decisão de visitarem ou não o seu país. Eu sou uma dessas pessoas! Dessa
forma, como pode constatar, não há nada a ganhar ao perpetuar as touradas.

Como Victor Hugo disse uma vez: “Pode ver-se o nível de evolução de um povo
pela maneira trata os ‘seus’ animais”.

Estamos numa nova era; as pessoas estão mais exigentes no que diz respeito ao
tratamento dos animais.

Tem que se acompanhar a evolução e as touradas, tal como outros espectáculos
degradantes, já não são aceites por pessoas evoluídas e inteligentes.

Muito obrigado pelo seu tempo.

Com os melhores cumprimentos,


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English Translation

Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is [name] and I am a [nationality] citizen.

I am writing to you to urge you to help stop bullfighting in your country.
This is a barbaric show which must end once and for all. Tradition and
entertainment must not be used anymore as excuses to perpetuate such
cruelty towards animals.

Would you like to be in their shoes? Do you think bulls do not panic or feel pain?

Do you believe you have the right to live your life in peace but animals do not?

Although bullfighting attracts tourism, the fact of the matter is that it actually
keeps a lot more people away! This is the 21st century. People have evolved
and therefore traditions must keep up with the times. There are many more
people against bullfighting than pro-bullfighting.

This is the image of your country at stake! There are many people who see
bullfighting as a meaningless, heartless, barbaric show and that will weigh on
their decision whether to visit your country or not. I am one of them! So, as you
can see there is nothing to gain in perpetuating bullfighting.

As Victor Hugo once said, “You can see the level of a people by the way it treats
‘its’ animals.”

We are in a new era; people are more demanding regarding animal welfare.

You have to keep up and bullfighting, as well as other degrading shows, is no
longer accepted by evolved, intelligent people.

Thank you so much for you time.

Best regards,


Comité Anti Stierenvechten
Alliance Anticorrida
Fédération des Luttes pour l'Abolition de la Corrida
International Movement Against Bullfights
Bullfighting Free Europe:
Fire Bull: Stop The Burning Bulls Fiestas:


17.09.2009 36 bulls die in Spanish bullrings every day, Government report reveals

A report by the Spanish Interior Ministry shows that 13,349 bulls had died in more than 3,200 bullfights and bullfighting festivals in the country’s bullrings in 2008 – the equivalent of 36 bulls a day. This is an increase of 1,182 (9.7 percent) compared to the previous year.

League campaigner Florian Leppla said: “It is very worrying to learn how so many defenceless bulls die at the hands of a bunch of armed men. Bullfighting is not tradition, it’s not art. It’s pure cruelty that has to stop now.”

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