15.11.2010 Lobby your MP – support the BUAV to end the UK’s role in wild-caught monkey trade
"Supportive MPs led by Caroline Lucas are calling on the Government to top allowing the offspring of wild-caught primates to be imported into the UK for research purposes, as well as those from facilities which still trap wild primates for breeding purposes.

An Early Day Motion tabled by Lucas, Green MP for Brighton (EDM 957) is calling on the Government to completely disassociate itself from the cruel trade in wild-caught primates for research (1). There has been a ban on the import of wild-caught primates since 1997, but there is no such ban on primates who are the offspring of wild-caught parents. Please ask your MP to sign this EDM."
Take Action


"Following the fantastic support of 111 MPs for his Early Day Motion on race horse welfare, Mike Hancock MP has now re-tabled the EDM (EDM 94) calling on the government to undertake a full audit of race horse production, death and injury, and to make its findings public. He has also urged the government to curb the industry's over-breeding of Thoroughbreds.
Please contact your MP right away and ask him or her to support this vital EDM."
View the EDM
Write to your MP
More info from Animal Aid site


We have the right to know what is being done to animals in experiments and why. If somebody wants to keep it secret it means only that the experiments are nothing worth and they don't follow any regulations which protect animals.

Please take action and lobby MPs to sign EDM277 - why? Read here

EDM 277
Hancock, Mike

That this House notes that section 24 of the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, as recently interpreted by the Court of Appeal, prevents the Home Office from disclosing all information, however trivial, about animal experiments that researchers want kept secret; agrees that information such as researchers' names and addresses and genuinely confidential information should remain secret; but believes that the public should be able to access all other information, including what is being done to the animals and for what purpose; and calls on the Government to repeal section 24 using its powers under section 75 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The EDM has been signed by…. 5 (five) MPs: Click here to check its status

Send email to MPs from BUAV website

26.11.2009 URGENT! Help Safer Medicines Campaign to seize today’s historic opportunity

Please contact the following 4 MPs individually today (normal rules about only contacting your own MP do not apply) by email and 1st class post (to: House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA):

Brian Iddon ku.tnemailrap|bnoddi#ku.tnemailrap|bnoddi
David Chaytor ku.tnemailrap|drotyahc#ku.tnemailrap|drotyahc
Andrew Gwynne ku.tnemailrap|aennywg#ku.tnemailrap|aennywg
Albert Owen ku.tnemailrap|anewo#ku.tnemailrap|anewo

These MPs can table any Bill of their choice on 16 December. 20 MPs were selected in the Ballot but only 4 (not 7, as previously stated – the number has been reduced because this parliamentary session is so short due to the forthcoming election) will get a whole day's debate.

We recommend writing along the following lines:

“Congratulations on being chosen in the Ballot. Please would you use this opportunity to put forward the Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill, tabled in the last session by a cross-party group of hon. Members? With adverse drug reactions increasing (hospitalising a million Britons every year) and the output of new medicines decreasing, while their costs spiral ever upwards, it has never been more important to assess the methods used to test drug safety.

There is strong evidence that human biology-based technologies may offer significant improvements in safety as well as large reductions in cost and time. The comparison of safety testing methods proposed by the Bill is unprecedented and could benefit the NHS and patients dramatically.”

Please help us today to seize this historic opportunity!

I am pleased to tell you that Dr Bob Spink MP has re-tabled our Safety of Medicines Early Day Motion in this new parliamentary session as EDM 29, following its phenomenal success as EDM 569.

Please write to your own MP to ask them to sign EDM 29: Safety of Medicines – taking the opportunity to thank them if they signed EDM 569 in the last session. This does not have to be done today!

With very many thanks for your invaluable support,

Kathy Archibald

Kathy Archibald
Safer Medicines Campaign
Safer Medicines Trust

23.11.2009 Early Day Motion 569 - next stage on thursday

(see the site on thursday 26th for info !!!)
Thank you to everyone who encouraged your MP to sign Early Day Motion 569 in support of The Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill - you helped to achieve a truly remarkable demonstration of support in favour of such a momentous evaluation. EDM 569 was the joint 10th most-signed of all 2,421 EDMs in the last parliamentary session, with a phenomenal 243 signatories!

How you can help with the next stage:

This Thursday, 26 November, 20 MPs will be randomly selected in the Private Members' Ballot. They will be given the opportunity to table any Bill of their choice on 16 December. Ballot Bills have the best chance of becoming law, as they get priority for the limited amount of debating time available. Normally, the first seven ballot Bills get a whole day's debate.

Please help us to seize this opportunity by encouraging those 7 MPs to choose the Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill from the multitude of Bills they will be asked to support! It is vital that as many people as possible contact them on Thursday if at all possible, by email, followed up by a letter sent by first class post. Normal rules about only contacting your own MP do not apply.

I will contact you on Thursday with the names of the 7 MPs and will be enormously grateful if you would write to them immediately, sending letters (and emails) to each of them individually. I will suggest some wording for you to use to emphasise the importance of this Bill.
Please be ready to help us on Thursday to seize this historic opportunity!

20.11.2009 BUAV undercover investigation exposes the reality of life and death inside one UK laboratory - STOP IT !

Support the BUAV’s campaign by emailing the Home Office, or

Write to the Home Office using the template letter (Word document)

Write to the companies that manufacture botox:

* Ipsen Ltd
* Allergan Inc.
* Merz-Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA

All you find on the BUAV site

14.11.2009 Enfield is first 'cruelty-free' council in UK

" ENFIELD is the first council in the country to use only "cruelty-free" cleaning products.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), which campaigns to end animal experiments, voiced delight at the decision, made at last night's council meeting.

Councillor Christopher Cole introduced the motion in support of the BUAV's "Clean Up Cruelty" campaign, which seeks to end cruel animal testing for household products and their ingredients.

Enfield is now the first council in the UK whose cleaning contractors can only use BUAV-approved products.

BUAV chief executive Michelle Thew said: “The BUAV congratulates Enfield Council and its residents in taking this important stance.

"We urge other councils throughout the UK to adopt a similar position, and support our campaign to end the cruelty and suffering inflicted on animals to test cleaning products."

The BUAV campaign received success in Parliament recently, when all major parties pledged to put a ban on animal testing for household products in their manifestos for the next election.

In 1997 the Government decided to stop granting licences for cosmetics tests on animals, but there is no such prohibition for household products.

The BUAV’s Humane "Cosmetics Standard" and "Household Products Standard" are recognisable by the Leaping Bunny logo, an internationally recognised and patented cruelty-free certification. "

30.09.2009 Animal Aid: Act now to help animals in laboratories

The process to revise the law governing vivisection across the whole of the European Union has reached another critical moment. The draft Directive - having passed through the European Parliament - is now being re-shaped by the Council of Ministers, which is made up of ministers from every Member State. It is vital that the influence of pro-vivisection industry lobbyists is countered by voices that speak out in defence of animals and for modern, cruelty-free research methods.

Animal Aid continues to oppose all animal experiments on moral and scientific grounds but abolition through the EU is simply not possible at this time. Right now, it is best to register opposition to a handful of particularly worrying provisions in the draft Directive and to support measures that would have an especially positive impact.

The animals need you to write to Home Office Minister, Meg Hillier and to the Rapporteur (the leader) of the European Agriculture Committee, Elisabeth Jeggle, as soon as possible. Letters are far more effective than emails. Please address each of the following key issues:

* The European Parliament opposed a ban on the capture of wild primates for use in laboratory breeding programmes. The ban, which was called for by the European Commission in the original draft Directive, must be re-imposed by the Council of Ministers.
* Similarly, the Commission wanted to restrict the use of primates to experiments directed at preventing and exploring 'life-threatening or debilitating' conditions. But the European Parliament voted for monkeys also to be used for ‘basic’ curiosity-driven research. There must be strict limits on primate research.
* The European Parliament has voted to allow millions of animal ‘procedures’ to go ahead throughout the EU each year without the need to seek formal approval. Only ‘moderate’, ‘severe’ and primate experiments would need authorisation from a central authority, leaving an estimated 4.3 million experiments to proceed as long as the central authority is ‘notified’. All experiments must receive formal authorisation from a central authority.
* The European Parliament, against the wishes expressed in the original European Commission draft Directive, voted for vivisectors to be allowed to subject animals to ‘severe and prolonged suffering’. The Council of Ministers must outlaw this level of suffering.
* A positive measure introduced by the Parliament is ‘biannual thematic reviews’ of primate and other research. These will be systematic assessments of the value of various kinds of animal experiments, with a view to outlawing those judged to be useless. The biannual thematic reviews must be supported.

Please write to:

Meg Hillier
Animal Scientific Procedures Division
Home Office
4th Floor Seacole
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF
Email Meg Hillier: ku.tnemailrap|mreillih#ku.tnemailrap|mreillih

Elisabeth Jeggle
Parlement européen
Bât. Altiero Spinelli
60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel
Email Elisabeth Jeggle: ue.aporue.lraporue|elggej.htebasile#ue.aporue.lraporue|elggej.htebasile

14.09.2009 Ban Ritual Slaughter in EU

Could we ask everybody to please contact their MP as soon as possible about the Bill regarding Religious Slaughter that went through the EU in May.

This legislation was part of the EU Welfare of Animals (slaughter and killing) Bill which contained a section exempting animals killed by religious groups from the legal requirement that all are stunned and rendered unconscious before having their throats slit and bled. Currently religious slaughter without pre-stunning is banned in EU member countries Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania however when this legislation goes into the law books these countries will be legally required to permit it.

Two Scottish MEP's Struan Stevenson (Conservative) and Alyn Smith (SNP) sit on the EU Agriculture Committee responsible for the legislation. We would like to congratulate Mr Stevenson, who was responsible for legislation banning dog and cat fur in Europe for trying hard to block the exemption for stunning re: ritual slaughter, the MEP's office contacted Scotland for Animals expressing his concern at the fact animals are now even more open to abuse at slaughter.

We would also like to state our deep disappointment at Alyn Smith's support for religious slaughter, Mr Smith specifically stated in the chamber;

"On religious slaughter, I think the Commissioner is absolutely right. I do not think we need to regulate that in this package, so this is good news for consumers. This is good news for confidence in the EU meat market and it is a good job all round. My congratulations"

Mr Smith as you may remember was also one of the MEP's responsible for drafting and supporting amendments to EU animal testing regulations which relaxed rules in order to allow more painful and prolonged procedures to be carried out on lab animals.

The EU law's still to be ratified by the UK parliament so it's vital that MP's are made aware of the strength of their constituents feelings against it this type of slaughter.

As your MP has to reply to you it'll also smoke out those who are against a ban so they can be named and shamed.

Sample letter
*(Your postal address)
Dear *(your MP's name)
I am writing regarding the issue of Ritual Slaughter. I am concerned by the fact that the EU Parliament recently voted to ensure products produced in this manner more widely available in member states.
The practice of Ritual Slaughter has been scientifically proven to cause extremely high levels of pain and distress for animals and been condemned by amongst others the SSPCA, RSPCA, Farm Animal Welfare Council, British Veterinary association, Scotland for Animals and a significant proportion of members of Jewish and Muslim communities.

As the EU legislation is yet to be ratified by the UK Parliament could you please tell me if you support a ban on Ritual Slaughter and also if you support compulsory labelling of ritual slaughter products to protect the human rights of those who do not wish to participate in animal cruelty or the religious rituals involved?

Yours Sincerely
*(your name)
You'll find your MP's contact details and a text box to send email directly here; just type in your postcode.

We can't stress enough how important it is that MP's are contacted regarding this issue, please do so and forward us any replies if possible. To get active in our campaign get in touch also join us on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook and visit our website blog for updates.
All the best
Visibility: Everyone

Posted: Tuesday August 4, 2009, 7:10 am

Appleby Horse Fair - Time to Call a Halt to this Festival of Animal Abuse

The… event is outrageous and happens in UK!!
Animal Aid:
"Appleby Horse Fair takes place every June and attracts some 30,000 visitors who come to see horses being paraded, raced and bathed, and to get a taste of what they think is a Romany tradition that supposedly dates back to 1685.

The reality of this event is quite different. The Fair made national news in 2007 when one of the horses was drowned in the River Eden – many of the riders seem to regard it as a macho challenge to completely submerge their horse under water. The river, whilst shallow at one side, has a steep ledge about half way across and horses easily lose their footing."
Take action:

EDM 137 'Animal Testing of Cosmetics'

As you probably know, the first phase of the historic animal testing bans in the EU's Cosmetics Directive came into force in 2004. It's now illegal to supply any 'cosmetic' product (which includes toiletries) containing ingredients which have been tested on animals where an EU-validated alternative test method exists.

Additional regulations are due to come into force in 2009 and 2013, leading to a total ban on the sale of cosmetics which contain ingredients or combination of ingredients which have been tested on animals for cosmetics purposes. This momentous law overcomes the drawbacks of unilateral action by one country and could save thousands of animals across the world every year.

These political initiatives are powerful boosts to the consumer-focussed campaigns such as Uncaged's Global Boycott of Procter & Gamble, as a means of intensifying pressure on P&G (and other animal testing companies) to end their outrageous practices.

However, it appears that the British Government, which is responsible for enforcing the Directive in this country, does not have adequate checks in place to determine whether manufacturers are obeying these laws.

So the big cosmetics manufacturers like Procter & Gamble are continuing as they have always done, while lobbying to shift the next deadline back from 2009. Meanwhile the majority of the public believe animal testing for cosmetics is a thing of the past.

We are extremely concerned that the Cosmetics Directive is not being implemented, and that as a result the future deadlines will be missed.

An MP has raised a new Early Day Motion (EDM) on our behalf, applauding the Boycott P&G campaign and asking the Government to resist attempts to water down the Cosmetics Directive:

"That this House believes, in common with the majority of the British public, that it is morally unacceptable that animals should suffer merely because companies choose to develop new cosmetic products; applauds Uncaged's Boycott Procter and Gamble campaign as a vital means of relaying public concern to companies who perform toxicity tests on animals for cosmetics products; supports the transparent and thorough implementation of the animal testing and marketing bans in the Council Directive 76/768 relating to cosmetic products; calls on the Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform to ensure the disclosure of relevant non confidential data in product information relating to animal testing of cosmetics products so that consumers can make informed choices; and urges the Government to resist attempts by cosmetics companies and non-EU states to prevent or postpone implementation of the ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics products or ingredients. "

Click here to lobby your MP on EDM 137 now!

EDM 569 - evaluate animal tests for medicine safety

Gibson, Ian:
"That this House believes that the safety of medicines should be established by the most reliable methods available in order to reduce the large and increasing toll of serious adverse drug reactions; and calls on the Government to initiate an unprecedented comparison of currently required animal tests with a set of human biology-based tests, as required by the Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill, to see which is the most effective means to predict the safety of medicines for patients."

Sign the petition:
evaluate animal tests for medicine safety

Ask your MP to sign EDM 569 - send email:
Write to MP

You can send an email from your mailbox using MP's email address:
searching by names:,,,00.html

searching by postcode (right corner on the bottom):

Check the bill status:

Take the action and find more info at:


EDM 258
Russell, Bob
"That this House supports the campaign of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection to end the suffering of animals in tests for household cleaning products and their ingredients; and urges the House of Commons Commission to demonstrate support for this initiative by ensuring that cleaning products used throughout the parliamentary estate have been certified as not tested on animals."

Send a message to your MP from BUAV website:
Lobby your MP


Write to MP

You can send an email from your mailbox using MP's email address:
searching by names:,,,00.html

searching by postcode (right corner on the bottom):

Check the bill status:

Save Scottish Seals

Scotland is home two seal species, the grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) and the common, or harbour, seal (Phoca vitulina). Both species are of international importance with 40% of the world population of grey seals found in Britain and over 90% of British grey seals breeding in Scotland, the majority in the Hebrides and in Orkney. Scientific research conducted by The Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU SCOS Report 2007) revealed Shetland’s population of common seals has dropped from more than 6,000 in 1997 to fewer than 4,000. The report also expressed ‘serious concern’ over declines in Orkney, as well as the Tay and the Wash populations.
Although the reasons of the decline are unknown, the Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) believes that indiscriminate shooting by fishing interests has played its part and must be stopped. Scottish Secret Seal Slaughter
At present, both common and grey seals are ' protected ' by the Conservation of Seals Act (1970), which is little more than a licence to kill them, except during their respective breeding seasons: June 1st to August 31st for common seals and September 1st to December 31st for greys. Even then fishing interests, notably salmon netsmen and fish farmers, may still shoot seals to prevent damage to their equipment or catch/stock.
In 1988, the Government lifted a temporary ban on the shooting of common seals (which had been hit by a disease epidemic) despite the objections of conservation and animal welfare groups. Coincidence or not, common seals have suffered a major population decline since then.


Take action to help scottish seals

Take action

Send an email to the cabinet minister to let him know that you want full legal protection for these beautiful creatures:

Take action

Montagne Jeunesse support Cancer Research UK

Let Montagne Jeunesse know if you disagree with their substantial support for the animal-testing charity Cancer Research UK. Montagne Jeunesse is aiming to raise £50,000 through the sale of limited edition Hydrating Gel Masques . It also sponsored the charity’s recent fundraising event, the Masked Pink Ice Ball.

Montagne Jeunesse promotes itself as a cruelty-free cosmetics company – its website Look here boasts the fact that it is Vegetarian Society and BUAV approved and that many of its products are vegan. The company says that with their products “you know what you are getting – no chemicals and absolutely nothing nasty.” That doesn’t apply to their charity promotions however as they don’t tell their customers that Cancer Research UK funds and conducts animal experiments.

Send e-mail to moc.essenuejengatnom|noitpecer#moc.essenuejengatnom|noitpecer to politely encourage Montagne Jeunesse to make a Think Before You Give pledge – stop supporting animal-testing charities or go at least half-way and give customers an animal-friendly alternative charity to choose instead. We got in contact with Montagne Jeunesse and told them that there are so many great charities out there conducting or funding life-saving medical research but without animal experiments – including the Dr Hadwen Trust – they really don’t need to be supporting animal suffering. They’ve said they will consider this in future planning, so encourage them to make a firm commitment.

More info & actions: Replace all animal experiments in Europe



Ban snares in UK

The UK is one of a minority of European Member States that still allow snares to be used. If Scotland does not lead the way for the rest of the UK it risks getting left behind on this important animal welfare issue.

Petition to the Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs calling for a ban on snares
Petition to the Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead MSP, calling for a ban on snares
Ban snares in Scotland
more info and actions: League Against Cruel Sports


19.11 2009 London SHAC demo

London, Thursday 19th NovemberSHAC
demos meeting at 11:30am tomorrow at Cannon Street Station. We shall be moving around a bit so if you can turn up later in the day please ring
the contact number to find out where we are.Contact phone number: 07534 498859 Hope to see you there! London Animal Rights

12.08.2009 Protest against AstraZeneca (AZ) Luton this Wednesday

Bedford Animal Action have organised a protest against AstraZeneca (AZ) Luton for this Wednesday, 12th August.
AZ are a customer of the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), Europe's largest and most exposed contract animal testing laboratory. They don't care about the animals tortured and killed by HLS or that animal testing is putting human lives at risk - all they care about is profit.
This demo is planned in response to police abuse of section 14 at previous protests at the AZ Luton offices, during which time officers could be seen laughing at images of mutilated puppies.
Please support our protest and show AZ and the police that they cant get away with abusing animal and human rights!
Contact number:

Meeting details:
13:30 on 12th August outside Luton Parkway Station

If arriving later, please meet us at the AZ office, address below:
AstraZeneca (UK) Ltd
Horizon Place
600 Capability Green

Until all are free.
Bedford Animal Action, PO Box 1263, Bedford, MK40 9AT
Tel: 07779 129269 or 07939 536877, Email: gro.noitcalaminadrofdeb|ofni#gro.noitcalaminadrofdeb|ofni
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25.07.2009 Edinburgh Compassionate Living Fayre and more…

25th July 10.30am-5.30pm Augustine United Church 41 George IV Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1EL
More details

Animal Rights Films Series followed by talk and discussion
7-10pm, Autonomous Center Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA.
22 July: Meat the Truth

Stalls & Demos (weather-dependent, text 0792 088 8769 for confirmation):
1 Aug: Demo against Zippos Circus, Hawick, 2pm. Free transport from Edinburgh organized, email to book a place
8 Aug: Stall: Registry House, 12noon-4pm
16 Aug: Stall: Registry House, 12noon-4pm
22 Aug: Stall: Registry House, 12noon-4pm

Next Meeting:
7th August 7pm Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA.
Cruelty-Free Drinks and monthly Bunny Huggers meeting
Come along if you are interested in participating in our campaign-planning or simply meeting like-minded folk. Off to the pub for 'cruelty-free' drinks after.

Bunny Huggers
54 Manor Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7EH

17 - 30.07.2009 Nottingham Animal Rights Events

We must be slacking - only 12 events for your support over the next 14 days!

For everyone else, everywhere else see the Animal Rights CalendAR at

Friday 17th July: Greyhound demo, meet 18:45 at lions in market square, or if you know where you are going meet there at 19:30.
- This is repeated most months. See

Friday 17th July - Sunday 19th July: Veggies, the vegan catering campaign are catering at Goddess Camp at Bestwood Park, Nottingham. Call 07870 861837 if you can help out on any of the days.

Saturday 18th July - Sunday 19th July: In parallel Veggies are catering at the Newstead Tree Festival (, AND sending cakes and savories to the Hunt Sabs AGM & Social in London ( AND to the Vegan Prisoner Support Group Benefit in Birmingham! Again, volunteers needed! Call 07870 861837.

Saturday 18th July: Speak demo. Transport from Leicester station, leaving at 08:00. Call 07800 648637, if you can make it to this. Short of numbers…

Thursday 23rd July: Speak demo. Transport from Leicester station, leaving at 10:30. Call 07800 648637, if you can make it to this. Also short of numbers…
- There is a vigil at Oxford Primate Labs every Thursday - support from other groups and individuals welcome. See

Thursday 23rd July: Work evening at Brinsley Animal Rescue, our local animal sanctuary. If you can spare the time to help look after the animals, it would be much appreciated. Transport from Beeston. Call 07599 282851 or 07703 031667 if you can make it.
This is repeated most months. See

Friday 24th July: Huntingdon Life Sciences demo. Transport from the Sumac centre, leaving 13:30. Contact Nottingham AR if you can make it to this.
- There is a vigil at HLS gates every Friday - support from other groups and individuals welcome. See

Saturday 25th July: Animal Aid street collection in Nottingham City centre, from 10:00 in market square (but turn up when you like). If you can spare some time to shake a tin for this excellent charity, call 07533 739565 or 07703 031667.

Sunday 26th July: International Game Fayre at Belvoir Castle. Potential demo. Due to the scale of this particular problem (800 stalls, 100,000 blood junkies), demo can only really go ahead if we gather at least 25 definites. Call 07875 815197.

Wednesday 29th July - Sunday 2nd August: Veggies are catering and campaigning at the Big Green Gathering. If you would like to help with spread the AR/veganism word at this 'eco-festival', contact Pat on 07870 861837 A.S.A.P.

Thursday 30th July: McLeafletting outside Clumber street branch from 18:30. Call 07533 739565 if you can make this.

Thursday 30th July: Next Nottingham Animal Rights planning meeting, at Sumac centre, starting 19:30ish. All welcome! Details:

Nottingham Animal Rights events are listed on Veggies/Sumac Diary at This is repeated most months. See

For everyone else, everywhere else see the Animal Rights CalendAR at

17.07.2009 Vivisection Animal Breeder Global Week Of Action in September

Without vivisection breeders, the vivisection industry would struggle to exist.

Each day these sick companies operate simply to mass produce animals and send them to horrific deaths inside labs across the world. Time to stand up and fight!

Please organise demonstrations against your nearest vivisection breeder for a Global Week of Action which will be taking place Monday 21st to Sunday 27th
September 2009.

Demos will be happening across the world against vivisection breeders - go to: to see the website listing targets, groups and advertised demos. Contact us: ten.cahs|ofni#ten.cahs|ofni if you are organising a demo against a vivisection breeder.

Other action
If you can't make any of the demonstrations, why not support the national demo and politely write to Highgate Farm and ask them to stop breeding animals for vivisection:

George W Douglas
Highgate Farm
Highgate lane
Market Rasen

01673 878 232

Please look at: for more information about the UK demo at Highgate Farm.

Start arranging transport and get in touch for more information, transport arrangements or querries about the UK demo or the Global Week of Action.

Tel: 0845 458 0630 | E-mail: ten.cahs|ofni#ten.cahs|ofni |

24.06.2009 SPEAK Demo - Wednesday 24th June in Oxford

There is an important SPEAK demo this Wednesday in Oxford to coincide with Oxford University’s Encaenia (Honorary Degree) Ceremony – see below for details.
(Please make every effort to be there by 10.30am - we realise that this is early but we need to be there when guests are entering, and the ceremony will be finished by very early afternoon)
The Encaenia Ceremony at Oxford University is one of the most important dates in the university's calendar and a major tourist attraction; a ceremony in which leading figures from around the world in science (including prominent vivisectors and vocal supporters of the lab), politics and the arts are awarded honorary degrees. The ceremony affords us a unique opportunity to tell the truth about Oxford University to both those passing by and those attending.
Join us on the 24th June and let's once again expose the university for what it really is; not an institution of academic excellence as it likes to portray itself as, but one of exploitation, abuse and greed.
Contact SPEAK on 08453307985 or 07906497317

06.06.2009 SPEAK Boycott Oxford demo in London

Meeting 12 noon
The Eros statue, Piccadilly Circus, London
The demo will be moving on to other locations, so anyone planning on arriving later than the start time should have the SPEAK mobile number with them.
Tel: 0845 330 7985 Mob: 07906 497317
map and more info: SPEAK

23.05.2009 SPEAK Degree Demo Oxford

Meet from 10.30
The Sheldonian Theatre, corner of Broad Street and Catte Street, Oxford City Centre
map and more info: SPEAK


25.04.2009 March and Rally in London to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Meeting in Hyde Park
The day will begin with a gathering from 12noon in Hyde Park. Here there will be speeches and information about various aspects of the anti-vivisection struggle, and more importantly what we can all do to help end this barbaric and unscientific practice.

March through central London
At around 1.30pm we will begin the march which will take us through the centre of London, through the busiest areas of the capital, including Park Lane, Hyde Park Corner, Green Park, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, enabling us to get our message across to tens of thousands of shoppers, tourists and residents along the route.
To Whitehall, Downing St and rally at Parliament Then the march will move on to the political centre of London, along Whitehall, past the end of Downing St, into Parliament Square and past the Houses of Parliament. Here the march will end with a rally, with speeches calling among other things for an end to government support for vivisection, and an enquiry into the whole area of animal experimentation, something which the government promised some 12 years ago before coming to power, one of many broken pre-election promises which the march will highlight.

After-March Evening event
The rally at Parliament will finish at around 5pm.
From 6pm 'til around 11pm there will be an after-march info/social event at Conway Hall, which is just a short walk or bus/tube ride away. Here the anti-vivisection theme will be continued, with information stalls, films, speakers and discussions about where we go from here, all in relaxed surroundings, with lots of tasty food and drinks (all vegan).

What to bring
Please do feel free to bring your own banners, placards, costumes, be creative, inventive and colourful, we want to make the march as eye-catching as possible. Also please bring megaphones, drums, whistles etc, let's make ourselves heard; as well as showing our anger and sorrow about vivisection, we also want the march to be a celebration of our movement and its determination to bring the suffering to an end once and for all.

18.04.2009 Viva!’s Incredible Veggie Show - London

at the The Royal Horticultural Halls, Lawrence Hall & Conference Centre, Greycoat Street, London SW1P 2QD.

There will be food tasting, cookery demonstrations, free diet and health advice, stalls, competitions, beauty products, vegan food products, books, information, and campaign news. Admission £4 – under 18s FREE. Pre-book your tickets and save 25%

Volunteers needed in advance and on the day:

Sponsored by: Beanie's Health Foods Ltd, Bute Island Foods Ltd, Cook Vegetarian, Ecotricity, Plamil Foods Ltd, The Redwood Wholefood Company Ltd and SPEAK Political.
more info:

17.04.2009 Nottingham University Vivisection Protest

Protest against the use of animals in cruel and unscientific experiments at Nottingham University's Medical School.
Gather at 4pm at the Medical School, on West Road adjacent to Queen's Medical Centre, alongside Clifton Boulevard opposite the main University Campus.
more info:

10.04.2009 School Speakers' Workshop, central London

Please help us meet the ever-growing demand from Food Technology teachers for vegetarian talks and cookery demonstrations. By giving talks to school children you can help form their lifelong attitudes towards animals. We are holding a vegetarian cookery workshop in central London on Saturday April 18th. Please come along and see if school speaking is for you.

* Contact Ann for details: ku.oc.dialamina|nna#ku.oc.dialamina|nna
* Find out more about becoming a school speaker

05.04.2009 ARC Meeting - Bristol

The next Animal Rights Coalition (ARC) National Networking Meeting will be held on Sunday 5th April 2009 at Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Easton, Bristol BS5 6AW.
Gathering from 10am for vegan food and snacks, info stalls, and chat. Meeting starts at 12noon til about 5pm, with a break between for food and discussion.
ARC meetings are a great opportunity to meet up with other activists from all over the country, to catch up on the latest news about the current campaigns, and to swap ideas, tactics, skills and information. The new vegan company, Fair Foods will be catering.
Transport from London : ten.igbr.stsil|stnevera#ten.igbr.stsil|stnevera
Transport from Nottingham :ku.gro.seiggev|cra#ku.gro.seiggev|cra

Venue:Easton Community Centre,
Kilburn Street, Easton, Bristol BS5 6AW.

For those planning to come to Bristol on the Saturday (4th April), there will be an anti-fur demo outside Cruise in the centre of town
from 11am, and an AR benefit gig at the Plough, Kilburn Street, Easton from 7.30pm 'til late.
Bands include Bones at the Bottom of the Barrell and Rat Face.
For more information nearer the time, visit If you need accommodation (mainly floor space available!) or live in Bristol and have accommodation to offer for the Saturday night, please contact ku.oc.liamtoh|crab#ku.oc.liamtoh|crab.

04.04.2009 SPEAK demo in London

• Boycott Oxford Demo in London: Saturday 4 April 2009

Meet 1pm, the Eros statue, Piccadilly Circus, London

For more details please contact us:

Tel: 0845 330 7985 Mob: 07906 497317

Tourism is worth a whopping £576 million to the Oxford economy every year. But most tourist don't realise that Oxford is a city of animal abuse, and when they spend their money to look around historic sites owned by Oxford University, their money goes to an institution that tortures and mutilates living animals. Help spread the word to people before they get to Oxford, about what really goes on behind the dreaming spires.

21.03.2009 Brighton Vegan Fayre

Animal Aid will have a stall at the first ever Brighton Vegan Fayre. The show will be on Saturday March 21st at the Brighton Centre. There is an amazing line-up of entertainment, plus more than 140 different stalls, talks, a kids' area and lots of food. We hope to see you there!

Visit the show website for the full details and to order tickets

15.03.2009 Rally for the Canadian Seals

Rally for the Seals - Sunday 15th March, 12 noon, Trafalgar Square, close to Canada House.
This weekend is the traditional start of the Canadian Seal Cull; it will last only a few weeks but in that time hundreds of thousands of baby seals are due to be viciously clubbed to death on the ice floes of Newfoundland.
This weekend, in Canada and throughout the world, campaigners from many different protest groups will be turning out in force to shame the Canadian government's policy and to call for an end once and for all to this annual mass-slaughter.
As part of this global awareness campaign, we are holding a protest rally this Sunday 15 March from 12noon in Trafalgar Square, close to Canada House (tube Charing Cross). We look forward to seeing you there.

13.03.2009 London SHAC demonstration

We're meeting at 11am at Cannon Street station for this week's demonstrations against those financial companies assisting HLS in torturing animals for profit. It's Friday 13th, so any scary costumes / masks would be good to see… or just something weird.

HLS are in dire straights, having lost over 80% of their share price in the last 5 months, so it's essential we don't ease off now. Hope to see you there.

Contact phone number on the day: 07806 266417

SHAC London

27.02.2009 London - mass protest against the vital financial companies who are keeping HLS open


WHEN? » 27th February 09, 12 noon

WHERE? » Bank of England, London

Nearest tube: Bank. The protest will meet here and proceed to march through the financial districts of London, finishing at the New York Stock Exchange.

WHY? » We have reached a critical time. HLS' financials are wobbling dangerously close to the edge and enough persuasion to key financial institutions could be enough to close them. Click here for more information about the financial aspects of the campaign.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? » We will be meeting at the Bank of England, central London, on Friday 27th February at 12 noon. From this point we will have a brief speech, before moving off together.

The day will all be about focusing on HLS' key financial supporters. We will be conducting demonstrations against several targets that are either major shareholders or are listing HLS, enabling them to stay open. The demonstrations will of course be entirely legal, as the entire day as been organised with the help of the police. Once we have finished the demonstrations, we will return in a loop back to the Bank of England where we started. Any further questions, don't hesistate to contact us on ten.cahs|ofni#ten.cahs|ofni!

Transport is being arranged from across the country, so if you don't want to make your own way there, get in touch and we can help you find a minibus or shared car from your area.

[more information, downloadable banners, leaflets and posters are available here]

More SHAC actions here


22.11.2008 Vegan Food Fayre, Westcliff, Essex,UK

November is Vegan Month and to celebrate, Southend Animal Aid have teamed up with Animal Aid to host a free Vegan Food fayre right here in Essex!
Here visitors will have a chance to sample animal-free foods and learn more about why hundreds of thousands of Britons have already decided to adopt the vegan diet.
The Fayre will be open to the public this Saturday 22nd November from 11.30am-2.
30pm with free entry at:
Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Argyll Road, (corner of London Road) Westcliff on sea, Essex
Already Vegan? Fancy helping out on the day? Then please get in touch
at moc.liamtoh|dialaminadnehtuos#moc.liamtoh|dialaminadnehtuos

01.11.2008 West Midlands Vegan Festival Wolverhampton

The West Midlands Vegan Festival will offer all you need for healthy, cruelty-free, eco-friendly living. You don`t have to be vegan to attend, everyone is welcome! Come and see why people are increasingly adopting a vegan lifestyle.
The festival is being held in the Wulfrun Hall, at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall in the city centre, 10 minutes walk from the train/bus stations.
open from 11am - 5pm. Admission is just £1, payable at the door
more info: West Midlands Vegan Festival

31.10.2008 Sequani Demo, Ledbury

31st October at 16.00 until later Ledbury. Just turn up if you want to come and wear appropriate attire if you wish. We do home to supply some food for the occassion and show respect for the souls of those murdered by Sequani.

Friday 24th - Friday 31st October 2008 SHAC Scary Science Week of Action

In the week leading up to halloween, SHAC will be conducting protests against
HLS customers, who are engaged in scary science.

During this week of action, Monday 27th is dedicated to notorious HLS customer
Novartis, whilst Friday 31st will involve a protest outisde of Huntingdon's
laboratory in Cambridgeshire, UK. The rest of the week is a pick your own
extravaganza, focusing on HLS' largest customers, Glaxo SmithKline, Novartis
and Bristol Myers Squibb, but also incorporating any and all of their other
customers. To find HLS customers in your country, click here.

Please organise a demo in your country. If you are planning a protest, and
would like us to advertise it here:, please get in touch.

Also let us know if you are interested in attending the protest at HLS, Cambs,
UK itself, as the injunction limits numbers (although there are plenty of local
customers and suppliers, so don't let the limited numbers put you off).

FRIDAY 24th - (UK) Day of protests in Herefordshire.

MONDAY 27th - (GLOBAL) Novartis Knock Down. Click here:
to find your local Novartis site, and get protesting!

MONDAY 27th - (UK) Day of protests in Liverpool.
MONDAY 27th - (UK) Day of protests in Hampshire.
MONDAY 27th - (UK) Day of protests in Cheshire.

TUESDAY 28th - (UK) Day of protests in Berkshire.

WEDNESDAY 29th - (UK) Day of protests in Kent.

THURSDAY 30th - (UK) Day of protests in Essex.

FRIDAY 31st - (UK) Protest outside of HLS, Woolley road, Alconbury, Cambs, PE28

Contact SHAC to get involved on: ten.cahs|ofni#ten.cahs|ofni


Date/Time: Sunday 10-26-2008
Time: 12:00 - 00:00
Entry Type: Concert
Location: ROCKERS

More info

06.09.2008 Carnival Against Vivisection, Ledbury

info: Carnival Against Vivisection


05.09.2008 Global Day Of Solidarity with Austrian Ten


Why for Austrian Ten? Who they are?
Freedom for Austrian Activists


Demonstration in support of the Austrian prisoners, Friday 5 September, outside the Austrian Consulate in Birmingham, from 11.00am.
Meet from 11am outside the Austrian Consulate, 5 Barlows Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2PN. This is just a short walk from University train station. See map

Demo outside Registry House, 5pm-6.30pm email ku.gro.sregguhynnub|ofni#ku.gro.sregguhynnub|ofni for info

Demos around the World:
Global Day Of Solidarity With Austrian Ten

12.07.2008 SHAC UK National March in Peterborough

Saturday, 12th July 2008, 11am - 5:30pm: SHAC UK National March in Peterborough, followed by demo at the gates of HLS, Alconbury

SHAC national march and rally against HLS and their vile 'experiments' on animals. Please come to this important demo. Where we'll march through Peterborough, just north of HLS and then travel and demonstrate at HLS, Alconbury. This is to show the mass opposition to vivisection and HLS in a City
close to HLS where we can spread the message about HLS's dirty dealings.

11am ~ Start of assembly at Stanley Recreation Ground (car parking off Brook Street, just south off the Recreation Ground)
11am to 12.30pm – Rally in the park with info stalls and Veggies food and drinks. Before the march sets off, there will be speakers.
12:30-1pm March starts at about 12:30, marching around Peterborough (the march is about 1.2 miles), then back to Stanley Recreation Ground by about 2:30pm where we get back into transport and drive to HLS for demo 3:30pm at the gates until 5:30pm where there will be more speakers. Also Veggies food at HLS.
Parking for demo at HLS will be on Woolley Road much nearer to HLS than last time.

This is a very important demo to show our disgust against HLS. The march is also a great opportunity to let the people of Peterborough know that cruel and needless animal research is going on near their City.

We will meet at Stanley Recreation Ground, Peterborough, Cambs. Maps and more information is posted on the SHAC website:

We will be meeting from 11am onwards on the west side of the recreation ground, but the march will not set off before 12:30.
Transport is being organised from all over the UK. If, in the meantime, you can help by organising transport or have space in vehicles, or if you have any transport queries - please email us at: ten.cahs|ofni#ten.cahs|ofni or phone: 0845 458 0630

27.06.2008 London, Austrian Embassy: SUPPORT THE AUSTRIAN PRISONERS

Demonstration outside the Austrian Embassy Friday the 27th of June from 10am-12pm (Midday).
Meet in Belgrave Square. Nearest stations are Victoria and Hyde Park Corner.
We will then be moving on to The Austrian National Tourist Office which is located at;
9-11 Richmond Buildings
London W1D 3HF,+Greater+London&daddr=9-11+Richmond+Buildings,+London,+W1D+3HF&geocode=5768242359056728392,51.513991,-0.133456&ll=51.513991,-0.133456&iwstate1=dir:to&iwloc=A&f=d

For more information please contact 07866879851, 07724002054 or 07899775493
Please bring up to date placards and banners (if you can) and let's make ourselves heard!!

28.06.08 National Rally For Badgers - Cardiff

20 - 27.04.08 World Week for Laboratory Animals


World Day Demo, Sat 26th April 2008 Horsham

11am Horsham Park, for march and demo at Novartis's animal testing facility. Novartis conduct their own primate experiments and also contract experiments at HLS.
[View website]

Contact ten.cahs|ofni#ten.cahs|ofni to find out your nearest transport pick up point.

SPEAK National Demo - Saturday 19th April 2008


The battle to stop the building of the Oxford animal labs continues. Now more than ever it’s vitally important that the pressure is increased. A crucial element of the campaign will be to get people out onto the streets of Oxford in order to inform the public of the terrible crimes taking place against sentient creatures inside Oxford University.
Meet from 12 noon at Oxpens Park, Oxpens Road, Oxford

info: SPEAK National Demo

EVERY TUESDAY [South coast]

UK customer demo's every tuesday in the south. Contact ten.cahs|ofni#ten.cahs|ofni for more details.

EVERY FRIDAY [Huntingdon]

HLS demo's every friday at the gates of HLS itself. Contact Maxine 07906880036.

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