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Natasha has moved to HMP Send

Her new prison address is

Natasha Avery (NR8987) HMP Send, Ripley Road, Woking, Surrey, GU23 7LJ, United Kingdom.

You can send in the following:
Cheques/postal orders made out to either 'HMP Send' or 'The Governor' with Natasha's name and number on the back, stamps and envelopes.

Not related to SHAC an anti hunt activists Bryan Griffiths has been arrested and remanded in prison over the death of a hunt supporter. This was a complete accident and we have full confidence Bryan will be acquitted of all responsibility at trial.

His friends recently put out this statement

Bryan Griffiths is in prison charged with murder, he was piloting the gyrocopter in the recent incident where a hunt supporter died.

We have heard from his solicitors that Bryan Griffiths would like to receive letters. For the time being please don't add Brian to any prisoner lists, but do forward his details to people who want to support him.

Also please be sensitive, however you feel personally about the incident, do not write letters implying the hunter deserved it or similar sentiments.

Bryan is a vegetarian and member of a local group which monitors several hunts around the Midlands, collecting evidence of hunts when they breach the ban on hunting with hounds.

Write to Bryan at

Bryan Griffiths XW8892
HMP Hewell
Hewell Lane
Redditch B97 6QS

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