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01.03.2011 Close Down Animal Breeder Charles River UK

* From: "National Anti-Vivisection Alliance" <ofni.noitcesivivitna|tcatnoc#ofni.noitcesivivitna|tcatnoc>
* Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 23:19:25 -0800 (PST)

Charles River Laboratories are a breeder of rodents, rabbits, guinea-pigs and
chickens for vivisection laboratories. Not only this, they act as a major
importer of primates into the UK and USA from Mauritius.

Despite being an international breeder, the UK operations of the company are
financially insecure and actually making a loss for the business. As a result,
they're closing down their Pre-Clinical Services in the UK, but the sites at
Manston and Co. Mayo, which are to remain, are still unprofittable.

A recently leaked client list from the Manston breeding site showed Charles
River exporting rodents to labs across the UK, Europe and USA.

Activists in the UK and Ireland are intensifying campaigning against these two
sites - show them your support by contacting Charles River's Executive Team
the individual breeding centres in disgust:


To Whom It May Concern,
I am contacting Charles River to voice my disgust at your business supplying
thousands of animals to laboratories across the globe each year, all of which
will suffer and die in barbaric experiments.

I offer my support to the activists in the UK fighting to close down your
facilities at Margate, Kent, and County Mayo.
Yours Sincerely,

Manston Road,
Kent, CT9 4LT
Tel: 01843 823575
Fax: 01843 823497


James Clifford Foster
Chairman, President & CEO

Thomas F. Ackerman

Nancy A Gillett
VP - Global Preclinical Services

David P. Johst
VP - Human Resources

Davide Molho
VP - Global Research Models
Direct Line: +33 (0)4 74 01 69 69

William "Bill" D. Barbo
SVP - Global Sales & Marketing

Brian Bathgate
SVP - European Preclinical Services

Stephen "Steve" K. Durham
SVP - Global Pre-Clinical Services

William "Bill" H. Eagan
SVP, Corporate Controller and Treasurer

Jorg Geller
SVP - Japan & Select Research Model Services

Arthur Hubbs
Iphone: 41.354008,-72.231483

Gary Andrews
UK Managing Director

Deborah T. Kochevar
Non-Executive Director
Tel: +1 (508) 839-5302 x84700 / (508) 887-4500
Fax: +1 (508) 839-2953

George E. Massaro
Non-Executive Director
Direct Line: (617) 226-5550
Direct Fax: (617) 226-5555

C. Richard Reese
Non-Executive Director

Douglas E. Rogers
Non-Executive Director

Samuel Osiah. Thier
Non-Executive Director
Direct Line: +1 617/726-1811
Direct Fax: +1 617/726-1900

William Waltrip
Non-Executive Director


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Monday, 21st - Saturday, 26th February: AstraZeneca Attack! Global Week of Action against AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca are a major customer and vocal supporter of HLS's cruel methods of
animal torture and scientific fraud, AZ even have the audacity to state that no
suffering occurs at HLS! This was there response to the Animal Defenders
International's expose from 2008. During the time of the expose, AstraZeneca
were funding experiments on primates at HLS. Not only did the breeding farm in
Vietnam who supplied the poor animals not meet basic UK animal welfare
standards, but the conditions of the animals when housed inside HLS was
extremely poor; some monkeys were missing limbs, had skin problems or other
infections. Monkeys routinely escaped from cages, resulting in some being raped
and attached. Read more:

Find your nearest AstraZeneca company to you:

If there are no AstraZeneca offices or sites near you, why not protest at
another HLS customer near you and remind them that abusing animals and funding
the torture inside HLS is the wrong choice - for more info, go to:

Let's give the animal abusers hell! Don't let them get away with it!

URGENT!!!! EU keep the deadline for animal tests in cosmetics !!

After a long, hard battle, the European Union was due to be free of all new animal tested cosmetics by 2013. But now this could be delayed by up to 10 years.

BUAV just started a new campaign to keep the promised date 11/03/2013 to set a ban

Please sign the petition: SAY NO TO CRUEL COSMETICS

Please sign the petition to EU Commission by Anti-Vivisection Coalition (France-Italy)
Stop Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Please email commissioners:
Urgent action against the postponement of the EU Cosmetics Directive, please particpate by urgently emailing the Commsioners, translating the action and releasing it on all your mailing lists!!!!

Contact the Commissioners:—

It was recently announced that the European Commission intends to submit a proposal to the European Parliament to postpone the total ban on the use of animals for testing cosmetic ingredients and a simultaneous ban on the marketing of cosmetic products that contain ingredients tested on animals after the European ban, due to come into force on March 11th 2013.

It is completely unacceptable to perform cruel animal experiments for vanity. Please urgently contact the Commissioners and remind them of the strong public interest regarding this issue!

Emails (1 block of 12):—
ue.aporue.ce|osorraB.leunaM-esoJ#ue.aporue.ce|osorraB.leunaM-esoJ, ue.aporue.ce|illad.nhoj#ue.aporue.ce|illad.nhoj, ue.aporue.ce|timmaz.knarF#ue.aporue.ce|timmaz.knarF, ue.aporue.ce|ninamraD.annaoJ#ue.aporue.ce|ninamraD.annaoJ, ue.aporue.ce|tdnrheB.sliN#ue.aporue.ce|tdnrheB.sliN, ue.aporue.ce|onifleD.allessoR#ue.aporue.ce|onifleD.allessoR, ue.aporue.ce|ilocimeD.drawdE#ue.aporue.ce|ilocimeD.drawdE, ue.aporue.ce|ollassaV.yrraH#ue.aporue.ce|ollassaV.yrraH, ue.aporue.ce|rapsaG-etrauD.aluaP#ue.aporue.ce|rapsaG-etrauD.aluaP, ue.aporue.ce|flodnaK.dlaraH#ue.aporue.ce|flodnaK.dlaraH, ue.aporue.ce|yenaeM.aicirtaP#ue.aporue.ce|yenaeM.aicirtaP

Sample Letter:—

For the kind attention of President Manuel Barroso and members of the European Commission,

It has recently come to my attention that the European Commission is planning to postpone the final ban on the use of live animals to test cosmetic products and their ingredients, intended to become law on March 11th 2013.

I would like to remind you that the 7th Amendment was drafted following the previous failure to implement the ban proposed in the 6th amendment, (signed into law in 1992), and was driven by a fundamental ethical calculation that the value of new cosmetics ingredients was outweighed by the harm caused to animals.

The European Union recently further enshrined the principle of harm-benefit analysis in its latest revision of the Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes, (2010/63/EU), and it is widely accepted that the production of cosmetic products does not justify the immense animal suffering caused by the required experimentation.

The deadlines specified in the 7th Amendment have driven research to replace outdated animal experiments and have produced validated alternatives for a number of procedures. However, if the 2013 deadlines are postponed it will remove the motivation for cosmetics companies to develop alternatives and will put vanity before the lives of animals.

A civilised society has no need for new cosmetic products if it requires that animals will be blinded, scalded, poisoned, choked and killed in order to produce them. There are thousands of cosmetics ingredients that have already been tested and the development of new cosmetics simply does not justify the suffering caused to animals.

The vast majority of the European population agrees that the use of animals for cosmetics is completely unacceptable, and therefore I urge you not to propose that the bans should be postponed due to the immense public interest in this issue.

I await your response to my concerns,



URGENT!!!! Consultation on "Draft Report on alternative (non-animal) methods for cosmetics testing: current status and future prospects - 2010"

Deadline 15.10.2010 !!
Submit your opinion
Sample text:
(from HSI/Four Paws)

*2013 Cosmetics testing ban consultation response*

In 2003, the EU Cosmetics Directive was amended to ban the sale of
cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals from 2009 for all but
three types of animal test and from 2013 for the remaining animal tests
(repeat dose toxicity, toxicokinetics and reproductive toxicity).

I wish to express my dismay that:
1) This consultation appears to be concerned primarily with
technical aspects of the development of alternatives to animal tests
rather than with the views of EU citizens – the campaign to end animal
testing of cosmetics ingredients has been running for decades and has
widespread public support, but the consultation largely ignores this;
2) The draft report for consultation includes other tests in
addition to the three tests for which the ban is not scheduled to take
effect until 2013 – the sale of cosmetics containing ingredients that
have undergone animal testing in these other areas is already prohibited
under EU legislation and should not be part of this consultation.

I believe that the 2013 ban should be maintained irrespective of the
availability of alternative testing methods. There are already thousands
of cosmetics ingredients available that have been shown to be safe. The
development of new cosmetics does not justify the suffering caused to
animals. Any delay in enforcement of the 2013 ban will destroy my faith
in the ability of EU decision makers to listen to the views of citizens.

I call on you to:
1) Ensure that the 2009 ban is properly enforced;
2) Ensure that the 2013 ban is implemented without delay.


Stop Primate Breeding And Supply Facility In Guayama City


Stop HLS Animal Cruelty

SHAC petition Stop HLS Animal Cruelty has now over 1.2 million signatures and is going for 2 million.
Please download and print out the petition. Completed petitions send to: SHAC, c/o FRIEND, 89 Bush Road, East Peckham, TONBRIDGE, Kent TN12 5LJ.

Download the petition, print, collect signatures and send to SHAC:
Petition and leaflets to download

Sign online petition Shut Down Huntingdon Life Sciences
ongoing actions: HLS/SHAC actions


Stop Oxford University Cruel Animal Experiments

Send letters and emails
Events for students:


Stand Up For Great Apes - now in Congress

bill status:
Title: To prohibit the conducting of invasive research on great apes, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Towns, Edolphus [NY-10] (introduced 3/5/2009) Cosponsors (62)
Latest Major Action: 3/5/2009 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

AAVS is pleased to report that the Great Ape Protection Act (H.R. 1326) is steadily gaining momentum in Congress. Since its reintroduction in March, the number of co-sponsors is up from 22 to a total of 64, and the bill has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

This groundbreaking legislation would end invasive research on over 1,000 chimpanzees still languishing in U.S. laboratories, and prohibit such experiments on all great apes (defined as chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans, and gibbons).

Although this bill already has bipartisan backing in the House of Representatives, it needs more support to move forward.
Click here to read more and take action!

PCRM action: Urge Congress to Support the Great Ape Protection Act
Send an automatic e-mail now.

HSUS action: Action Alert! Help Support The Great Ape Protection Act

Sign the Petition to End Chimpanzee Research


Stop use cats in cruel training courses at Texas TUHSC

please send the letter:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I was shocked to learn that TTUHSC has been conducting painful intubation training procedures on live cats.
Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association exclusively endorse the use of manikins, not live animals, for this kind of training because it more accurately represents the human anatomy and better prepares medical providers to treat sick and injured children.

Fortunately, many schools have eliminated live animal labs from their curricula. Innovations in medical simulation technology, availability of alternatives, increased awareness of ethical concerns, and a growing acknowledgement that medical training must be human-focused have all facilitated this shift.

I urge you to put an end to these cruel and outdated training procedures immediately. There is no longer any justification for killing animals in the name of medical education.



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Stop Cambodia and Indonesia primate trade

Take action:


Other Petitions and actions:


IDA Joins UK Group to Expose More Cruel Animal Tests by P&G

Tell Congress: Protect Former Pets From Research

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