23.09.2011 Day of Action Against Repression of Anti-Vivisectionists in Great Britain

Police in the UK have arrested activists in a crackdown on the lawful campaigning organisation the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA).

Trumped up charges and allegations have been made in relation to the campaign to highlight, and call for an end to, animal research in Great Britain.

Campaigners have been arrested on allegations of burglary at a number of animal testing laboratories, with charges under the Sections 145 and 146 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act focused around the breeders Harlan Laboratories, effectively prohibiting any campaigning focused on animal research establishments.

Coupled with this, it is now illegal to wear costumes during demonstrations outside any facilities owned by Harlan Laboratories and severe restrictions have been placed on the right to demonstrate outside UK breeding establishments and labs.

Restrictions have been placed on those arrested banning them from attending any protests within the UK, attending gatherings and meetings and from counties and cities where animal research facilities are based.

The NAVA campaign has in recent months led a campaign of peaceful protest, damning exposes and public boycotts of airlines transporting animals for research. Investigations have hit national press, bringing focus on animal research and bringing cruelty allegations of workers punching and kicking dogs in labs into the public eye.

On Saturday 24th September anti-vivisectionists are marching on Downing Street (Home of the UK Prime Minister), leading calls for animal research to be outlawed and handing in a letter to this effect.

On Friday 23rd September, campaigners are calling for an International Day of Action against the repression in the UK and in support of calls to outlaw vivisection. Protests are requested outside British Embassies and Consulates across the world.

We also ask that a letter is handed into the Embassies and Consulates supporting the march to ban vivisection in the UK and denouncing the repression.

British Embassies and Consulates:​ravel-and-living-abroad/fi​nd-an-embassy/

27.08.2011 National March Against Harlan Interfauna

Interfauna Beagles, based at Wyton Farm, Cambridgeshire, is the last commercial breeders of dogs for vivisection in the UK.

1,000 Dogs live in windowless sheds before being shipped off to laboratories across Britain to be poisoned in toxicology experiments. Inside the facility, filthy conditions have been documented with these animals forced to live in faeces-covered pens, with little more than a scoopful of sawdust to separate them from the concrete floors.

These usually social creatures are only provided with exercise for 20 minutes a week, let out of their concrete cells to run in a corridor. An expose also revealed senior workers punching and kicking beagles.

March alongside us in the nearby town of St Ives and call for the closure of Britain's last lab dog farm. A demonstration will also be followed by a protest at the kennels.

Without you, these dogs have nobody:

Meet 12noon - Market Hill, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 5AL

26.02.1011 Peaceful demonstration against Charles River, Kent

Charles River is the largest supplier of laboratory animals in the world. There will be demonstrations across the UK as part of a countrywide protest against the vivisection industry.
26 February · 12:00 - 15:00
Location: Meet outside the Spitfire Museum, Manston, Kent.
Please come even if you can only spare an hour of your day.


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